What We Do


We build Strong Market Positions through Glass.

We at The SignatureGlass Company of Paşabahçe are able to do this only because of the unique way our business operates.

We believe that the ‘Perfect Serve’ is of the essence for every Beverage Brand and our principles, processes, systems and the culture of our business are geared to delivering better quality SignatureGlass solutions.

This guiding passion and strategic intention allows us the freedom to design signature glassware with no compromise. It puts our production expertise, research and development, heritage and design at the heart of everything we do.

It means we only work with like-minded experts, creating designs in glass engineered to transform user experience, to deliver the brand as it was intended; losing nothing, expressing everything.

With The SignatureGlass Company of Paşabahçe you can be certain that everything exists for a purpose; no shortcuts, no additions. Every component, every material, every curve, every line, every facet, every texture is there for a reason. No gimmicks, no frills… only what is necessary. Our attention to detail is what makes us who we are. It’s the reason we are selected and used by the world’s greatest beverage brands.

We make the glasses that perfectly reproduce the beverage brand promise most loyally, glasses that transform the drinker’s experience, feelings and mood. We are experts in brand engineering because we understand the totality of glass.

We call this the Perfect Serve.

We are The SignatureGlass Company of Paşabahçe. And simply put... At The SignatureGlass Company of Paşabahçe... We build strong Market Positions through Glass.

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What is a SignatureGlass?

It is important to clarify exactly what a SignatureGlass is and what it is not.

 A SignatureGlass is a piece of glassware designed, shaped and created in its totality, with the sole purpose of expressing the core values of a Beverage Brand.

 So, a SignatureGlass is not just a ‘generic glass’ with a logo. A SignatureGlass is unique to the Beverage Brand, designed and moulded solely for that particular brand. It speaks the Beverage Brand language fluently and makes the core values of the Beverage Brand tangible at the moment of consumption. It differentiates, sets apart and makes the Beverage Brand experience complete.

 A SignatureGlass crystallizes and encapsulates the very essence of the Beverage Brand and reinforces that brand’s promise to the user.

Who needs a SignatureGlass?

Every ‘Serious’ Beverage Brand.

Every Beverage Brand with a unique name, logo, and packaging design.

Every Beverage Brand be it a soft drink, beer, spirit, hot beverage, water or juice.

Every Beverage Brand served in bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Every Beverage Brand consumed at home.

In short, every Beverage Brand that wants to build a Strong Market Position.

Why SignatureGlass?

We now have conclusive scientific proof that there is a positive conscious as well as unconscious improvement in user experience when consuming a beverage using a SignatureGlass.

Every touch point with the customer is a chance to reinforce your unique Brand Promise. Arguably, the most important touch point is the Point of Consumption.

A SignatureGlass differentiates at the Point of Service and the Point of Consumption and completes the Drinker Experience, increasing Involvement.

A SignatureGlass creates Brand Depth through a tangible Brand asset.

A SignatureGlass is a Sales Driver, a Promotion ‘Hook’, Driving Awareness and creating Brand Width.

A SignatureGlass is a Key Marketing tool for any serious Beverage Brand.

Simply put... a SignatureGlass delivers the Perfect Serve.


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About the Signature Glass Company of Paşabahçe

Our full-service Signature Glass business covers the whole process from design through production.

This allows us a commitment to quality of service backed by our specialist knowledge that sets us apart from our competitors.

We are a full-service signature glass specialist offering brand expertise in glassware solutions according to our Clients specific needs.

Paşabahçe is a part of the Şişecam Group, one of the World’s largest glassware manufacturers.

This gives us the strength to maintain our business even in a challenging market, which in turn gives confidence to our clients and allows us to maintain consistency in what we deliver and the service we provide.