For the Perfect Serve.

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Our Vision

To create a SignatureGlass for every beverage brand because every beverage brand deserves the perfect serve.


What is SignatureGlass?

It is important to clarify exactly what a SignatureGlass is and what it is not.

A SignatureGlass is not just a ‘generic glass’ with a logo.

A SignatureGlass is unique to the Beverage Brand, designed and molded solely for that particular brand. It speaks the Beverage Brand language fluently, and makes the core values of the Beverage Brand tangible at the moment of consumption.

A SignatureGlass differentiates, sets apart and makes the Beverage Brand experience complete.

A SignatureGlass delivers the Perfect Serve.


Paşabahçe is a part of The Şişecam Group, one of the World’s largest glassware manufacturers.

This gives us the strength to maintain our business even in a challenging market, which in turn gives confidence to our clients and allows us to maintain consistency in what we deliver and the service we provide.

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Get your own

You deserve the Perfect Serve.

We offer a complete SignatureGlass solution, irrespective of your channel.

Because of our expertise, experience and depth of knowledge in glass, backed up by our proven design and concept development process and our commitment to quality of service.

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