Scientific proof that SignatureGlass delivers the Perfect Serve.

The SignatureGlass commissioned leading global market research specialists Ipsos, together with applied neuroscience company Neurons Inc., to conduct neurological research seeking to establish if and to what degree there is a conscious as well as unconscious improvement in user experience when consuming a beverage using a SignatureGlass.

When Coca Cola is consumed in a Coca Cola SignatureGlass (as tested against a generic glass or branded generic glass), the emotional engagement, functional appeal, visual appeal, appeal to own and willingness to pay all rank highest. This provides concrete scientific proof of the positive unconscious and conscious effect ofSignatureGlasses on taste and consumer experience.

Simply put... SignatureGlass delivers the Perfect Serve

On the left: time until brand is noticed (TTFF), on the right: visual attention records

On the SignatureGlass the brand element is noticed the fastest, and maintains focus the longest

Sipping from Signature Glasses is experiences most positively

A graph showing motivation level during different drinking phases
Conclusions of the study

Signature Glasses are evaluated higher on all aspects